You've probably got some questions.

Are all your videos awesome?
What kind of videos do you make?
From TVC’s to social clips, brand films to TV shows. If there is a great story to be told, we can craft an amazing video!
What type of clients have you worked with?
We have worked in boardrooms to board shorts, for big international brands to small local startups and everything in between. No intergalactic clients yet, so if you are one call us! 
Why do brands choose to work with you?
We like having fun, but we also get sh*t done. Our team are creative, great communicators and we care about the end product. That’s the reason our clients choose us and continue to work with us. Check out the nice things they have to say.
Do you work with other agencies?
We sure do! We play well in the sandpit with others and enjoy collaborating with other creatives.
How much does a video cost to produce?
The million dollar question! The content we create is bespoke, which means the scope for each project is diverse. We have delivered content ranging from 5k to 200k, but if you have a million dollar project… get in touch.

Seen a video you love and want to replicate? Send us a link and we can supply an estimate to craft a video in that style. If you’re a startup with an amazing idea, we are also open to equity discussions.
How does the process work?
Producing a video isn’t as difficult as landing a monkey on Mars. But just like the journey of our interstellar ape, it’s important to manage the entire process efficiently to ensure the best possible result. That’s why we prefer to be involved in the entire production process, from concept, to production, to post production and delivery.

Things normally kick off with a strategy meeting to help give us a better understanding of your product or brand, this is also a good opportunity to workshop some top level ideas.

With a full understanding of your brief we can start the creative process, define the style (live-action or animation) and develop scripts and storyboards.

Armed with this amazing creative, our production team swings into action. For live-action videos this will include fun things like production crew, equipment and logistics. For animated videos the creative will be brought to life by our amazing cave dwelling illustrators and animators.

Our goal is to make the production process as simple as possible. A turn-key solution of Awesomeness.

How long does all this take?
Just like the money question, this really boils down to the creative.

As a general rule 4 - 6 weeks for both live-action video or animated videos. On occasion, we have been known to turn around videos in less than a week and some projects take months. Contact us for a specific turnaround time on your project.
Got another question?
If you have any other questions, just get in touch!

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