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Product Video // Live Action

Product Video

When the team at Zone RV needed high quality video content to promote their premium product range they turned to the team at Outpoint. 

Zone RV is an innovative caravan manufacturer that leads the market with its cutting edge new products. Our team developed a video template that would allow Zone RV to roll out a suite of high quality videos that delivered a detailed view of their products in an engaging way. 

Zone RV’s product videos are not only a great educational tool they are also helping to push customers down the sales funnel from consideration to purchase more effectively, with Zone’s sales team reporting a noticeable spike in enquiry off the back of new video releases.

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year
Why it works
The Product Video Advantage
  • 1
    Powerful Medium to get Qualified Leads
  • 2
    Simplify Technical Information
  • 3
    Content Library for Future Campaigns
High-quality production, easy to relate to the team and they work well with us. The content represents the brand how we want it to be done. Absolutely wrapped!
Matt Johns
Zone RV

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