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In the Zone

Zone RV engaged the team at Outpoint to create long-form video content documenting their ambitious trips to some of Australia's most remote locations. 

The brief was to create high quality content that was fit for TV broadcast and reflected the premium quality of the brand. The video series would be primarily distributed on social media which meant entertainment and user engagement was a key focus. 

Outpoint sent an experienced television crew out with the Zone team to capture their challenges and successes as they worked their way across the country. Each episode was then edited with a focus on quality and story to create engaging long form content for the brand. 

The final 40 minute episodes have been extremely well-received across their social platforms, collecting over 1 million views and helping to drive a huge spike in new enquiries and sales.

73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision
Why it works
Branded Entertainment benefits
  • 1
    Entertaining and Engaging
  • 2
    Brand Awareness (Top of the Funnel)
  • 3
    Content Library for Future Campaigns
High-quality production, easy to relate to the team and they work well with us. The content represents the brand how we want it to be done. Absolutely wrapped!
Matt Johns
Zone RV

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