About us

We're not your typical video production agency.

We're a little different

We blur the lines between a video production company and traditional creative agency.

Normally when you produce a video, the creative comes from Agency A and the production comes from Company C. At Outpoint we simplify the process by managing the entire creative process from start to finish, delivering high quality video more efficiently. It’s like having the reliability of a Toyota and the style of a Lamborghini.

Our goal is to make the process of creating amazing video content as simple as possible.

We care

Our team are creative, great communicators and we care about the end product.

That’s the reason our clients choose us and continue to work with us. Brands like Facebook, IHG, Corelogic, Jetstar… you get the idea.

Find out how our unique approach to video content can help your brand.

We've crafted brand videos, social ads, TV commercials, explainer videos, product videos and TV shows.

Literally thousands of videos that have racked up millions of views!